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  Frequently Asked Questions
So how much is all this gunna cost me?
Our two day course is only $999.00*. For that price, you get instructor led training by some of the sharpest Linux Experts in Austin, a copy of Red Hat Linux and access to the private web site... Not to mention a couple of days away from the office... :)
So, why's there an Asterick by the $999.00* price?
We have to collect sales tax for the good ole' State of Texas... (and don't forget Cap Metro!) So in effect, your total cost will be $1081.42 after tax.
Didn't you guys have a Free PC offer?
The Free PC offer was in conjuction with a local vendor and is now over. The last class that featured the Free PC's was held Oct 28th & 29th. However, if you like the idea of taking the PC with you at the end of the course, we can arrange a great price! Call us for details!
Can I call up and ask questions?
Sure! But remember, our receptionist is the sweetest lady in the world, but she's NOT a Linux Programmer! She is there to take orders for classes and to take messages for us propeller heads so we can call you back. Please don't drive her crazy with questions about subnet masking or port forwarding, she really hates that! :)
Did I hear a radio ad for you guys the other day?
We just started advertising with a 60 second radio spot on KJFK FM. The ad started on the Cafe Zam show and will be running for a few weeks. If you know of some other place we should run the ad, let us know. And yes, I do know that cute sounding, girl in the commercial... Remeber that receptionist I told you not to bug? :)
I already have a PC with Linux on it, can I use it for the course?
No. We certify and pretest the hardware for the PC we provide. We make sure that all the drivers are downloaded, compiled and ready. If you brought your own PC, there's no way of knowing what drivers it needs and whether or not it would work for the class. We can't be sure that we wouldn't have to divert class time to troubleshooting an unknown box.
Can I reserve a seat with less than the full tuition?
No. We require that you pay the full amount at least 10 business days in advance of the desired class date in order to reserve your seat.
Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
If you have to cancel before a course, we require enough notice that we can hope to fill your seat before the class begins. We sincerely hope that everyone who signs up for a class can make it. If you can't make your scheduled class, we'd prefer to try and reschedule you into another class rather than cancel. If this is not possible, we will refund your tuition according to the following table:

Cancelation Table
Advance Notice Refund %
10 Business Days 100% Refund
5 Business Days 75% Refund
3 Business Days 50% Refund
2 Business days or less No Refund
Does the course include information on(put your topic here)?
We are constantly tweaking the course to include new and updated information. We use the course evaluation to determine what you'd like to see in future courses. As the contents are updated fairly regularly, the course outline is the best place to see if the skill or feature you're looking for is covered in the class.
Does my online credit card info go through a secure server? Simple Answer.. Yes :)
How does the charge for this course show up on my credit card statement? As these courses are technically presented by Off The Wall Training, the statement will show "Off The Wall".
Is there any legal mumbo-jumbo I need to know?
Of course, there's always legal mumbo-jumbo... :) Here we go. All special offers are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. All specifications of courses, machines and facilities are subject to change without notice. Classes may be cancelled without prior warning, and money refunded to participants, if any of the following events affect delivery of a particular training class: severe inclement weather, natural or local disaster, power outage, or other event determined by TxIS to require the course be cancelled.