Extra install files and a few other useful things

Note: Most of these files are for RedHat 6.0 and may or may not work on other versions of RedHat or other Linux distributions. Also, the dmfe.o kernel module is specific to the 2.2.5-15 kernel that comes with RedHat 6.0, and therefore will not work with other versions of the kernel unless recompiled.

A new compression program that competes with gzip on Linux and Unix systems. bzip2 archives (*.bz2) are not as common as gzip archives (*.gz) though there are a few things only available in bzip2 format, so you may want to get this.

The cryptography libraries to go with ssh3297332.zip which is below.

The DHCP server RPM (dhcpd). This is the file to get if you need your computer to hand out addresses via DHCP.

The DHCP client RPM (dhcpcd). This is the file to get if you need your computer to get an address from a DHCP server.

The Linux kernel module that is the driver for the Davicom 9102 on-board fast Ethernet controller.

The DHCP client that James has found to work with Austin RoadRunner.

The ipchains RPM. ipchains is the software that lets you configure the Linux kernel's ability to firewall, forward, and masquerade packets.

joe is yet another text editor. It is similar to pico in that it is small, runs in text mode, and pretty simple to use. The on-screen help in joe is a bit more hidden than the help in pico, though joe does better at editing very long lines of text.

NiftyTelnet SSH 1.1 is the only free Macintosh ssh client of which I am aware.

Putty is one of the two good, free ssh clients for Windows 95/98/NT.

rrconf is the program you run to set up your account information and enable the use of rrlogind. It creates the config files that rrlogind expects to find. Using rrconf and rrlogind isn't required to just access the Internet via RoadRunner, though it is required if you want to change any of the preferences that RoadRunner allows you to maintain on their servers.

rrlogind is the program that takes care of logging you in to the RoadRunner "login" server. See the note about rrconf above.

The Squid RPM. Since the custom, but not overly custom install of RedHat we use in the class doesn't install Squid for you, you'll probably want this file.

One part of the Linux ssh package. ssh stands for Secure Shell. It is a set of programs that allow you to securely connect to computers over the Internet. You'll want to get all four so that you have the client, utilities, and the server portions of ssh.

The second part of the Linux ssh package.

The third part of the Linux ssh package.

The fourth part of the Linux ssh package.

The second of the two good, free ssh clients for Windows 95/98/NT. It requires the cryptography libraries contained in crypl110.zip which is above.